About Hillbro Stud 

Australian Stock Horse Reg#. 429823

Our 3rd generation, 5000acre Mallee property  is near Waikerie in the Riverland SA. We are primarily a wheat and sheep property. Our horses have  approx 700acres  to range and grow. Mallee counrty is good horse breeding and raising country. It has all types of terrain from hard clay, stone, pasture and sandy soils. Our horses are brought up to adapt to all types.

Originally growing up on a wheat and sheep property where mustering kilometers from the homestead was a normal activety, having the right horse was imperative. A good stock horse made life much easier.

Having bred some foals of my own some 30 years ago and then trying to replace them as they grew too old to work I started to look around for a horse or horses that would fit the bill. Trying to find a good sturdy even tempered horse that could be used for a range of disiplines, as well as being able to do a week of sheep mustering putting in 6 hour days, just wasn`t easy. Never really coming up with the right combination horse

Eventually about 15 years ago I decided to breed my own horses and having worked with a rang of different breeds, It wasn`t hard for me to settle on the ASH

I chose the Australian Stock for 2 reasons, One my grandfather was in the Nineth Light Horse in WW1 in Egypt and this horse is very typically recognised as a real Australian, being used in some of the harshest environs on earth and being up to the job.

Two, they look good, they act well and they are dependable.

Our horses are mainly run as a herd in approx 100 - 300 acre paddocks, so our youngsters are well socialised and paddock wise. They are wintered without rugs and their hooves are noted for their toughness.

Most notably, they are all sturdy, even tempered animals that do well without too much fuss